Melancholy Jerad Hill

On Working for Others

Nobody tells you that when you go into business for yourself, you will still have a boss. The allure of being able to set your own hours and work in

Slowly losing my love for Canon

After my lengthy rant about almost switching to Sony, I took my Canon 70D out with my kids to take pictures of them driving their gokarts. My goal was

Fix Bent iPhone 6 Plus

How to fix your bent iPhone 6 Plus

One of my employees bent his iPhone 6 Plus. It wasn't bent much but it was enough to notice. What started out as me being able to laugh about how much

LG G Watch R with Custom Band

Digging the LG G Watch R

My first experience with LG's first smartwatch was less than desirable but with the LG G Watch R, I was excited to see something with some thought put


Google Voice as a default

Google finally added full support for MMS into Google Voice which means that if you swap devices often as I do, instead of having to switch SIM cards