Welcome, I’m Jerad Hill 👋🏼 Here’s a bit about me.

I am a husband and father to four beautiful children. We live in Kalispell, MT, where we chose to raise our family. They are my true startup and my passion. I enjoy helping in their school, coaching their sports teams, and nerding out with them on the things they enjoy.

My creative outlet is making videos on YouTube in-and-around mobile technology and photography space. My channels have a combined 160,000 subscribers and receive over 1.8 million video views each month recently reaching over 30 Million Video Views!💥 I also own a digital marketing agency where we specialize in helping companies and organizations reach more people online.

I have enjoyed podcasting since I bought my first microphone in 2001. I occasionally podcast when I have something I want to share from my experiences in life, business, adulthood, parenting, and more (YouTube | Podcast).

As a Commercial & Event Photographer, I assist companies in creating digital assets they can use to better tell their story. I now invest some of my time in photography education online.

I am fascinated with the creative process and am always looking for ways to stretch myself and try something new.

I believe you should challenge yourself to do things that are uncomfortable. Check out my list of Personal Challenges I am currently working on.

Occasionally, I publish a newsletter issue to share interesting articles, videos, or ideas.

You can find me on my BlogInstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Most importantly, I am a broken person redeemed by the mercy of Jesus Christ. Read my Statement of Faith to learn more about what I believe.

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My Projects

  • Hill Media Group – Digital Marketing Agency
  • State of Tech – Mobile Technology Reviews & News
  • Gear & Light – Camera Gear Reviews, News, and Tutorials
  • Learn with Jerad – Courses designed to help you create something new and stay organized while at it!
  • The Elementor Pro – Video tutorials on website design and accessibility using the popular WordPress design plugin, Elementor.
  • The Notion Pro – Video tutorials on using Notion to develop your own tools for life and productivity.


📧 Send Me an Email

📍 175 Hutton Ranch Rd. STE 103-297, Kalispell, MT 59901