Jerad Hill

Entrepreneur, Designer, Photographer, Husband & Dad in California.

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About Me

Website DesignerMarketing TechnologistPhotographerVideographer. I am an entreprenuer, husband, father and follower of Christ.

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I started my first business at age 6 sourcing free lemons from my neighbors to make and sell lemonade. Today I run Hill Media Group and enjoy working on my own projects.


I designed a website for my first online store in 1998 selling cell phones and accessories.
Now I build websites for businesses and organizations. Learn More


In 2005 I taught myself photography and photographed 32 weddings the next year. Today I photography the occasional wedding and event for clients all over the US. Learn More

Video Production

My love for video production goes back to my childhood filming silly short films with my friends. Today I produce video content for companies and organizations. Learn More


Having been a student of the internet for my adult life, I enjoy giving back through educating others. Check out my online courses. Learn More


My faith in Jesus Christ is what gives me purpose and direction in life. I fail often, but I find forgiveness and unconditional love in the pierced hands of Jesus Christ.


Over the years I have accumulated a variety of skills that I believe set me apart. I am always learning and working toward freedom from the mundane. I’m a geek at heart and enjoy figuring things out. I believe in listening first.

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Born and raised in Modesto, CA. Where Star Wars was born. Seriously!*