April 1, 2019

YouTube Video Results In Over $32,000 In Sales

Identifying and solving common problems is what leads to an opportunity to promote products that add value. After the release of the iPad Pro in late 2018, it was obvious to me that people would be frustrated by the fact that Apple decided to lock down the USB-C port to prevent external hard drives from being connected.

Seeing an opportunity to help others overcome Apple’s limitations, I created a video showcasing the use of a product that allows you to connect any external hard drive to an iPad. I linked to the Amazon product page for the RAVPower Filehub and a Samsung External Solid State Drive in the description of the video and on the article posted to the StateofTech website. The video and website article has continued to drive traffic to Amazon resulting in the products being purchased. Over 250 verified purchases were made through the Amazon Associate links I provided viewers of the video and article.

Link: State of Tech YouTube Channel
Article: Connect Any Hard Drive to an iPad Pro

More analytics to be added soon.

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