Slowly losing my love for Canon

After my lengthy rant about almost switching to Sony, I took my Canon 70D out with my kids to take pictures of them driving their gokarts. My goal was to capture a few photos and short videos that I could share to my phone and post on Instagram and Facebook.

Upon returning home, I connected my phone to my camera through the wifi connection and opened the EOS Utility app. I transferred a couple of photos to my phone, which took forever. Then I tried to transfer video clips to my phone and was told by the app that, video was not supported. This frustrated me. I attempted another route by connecting my camera directly to my Nexus 9 tablet and attempted to use the Nexus Transfer app that allows you to copy files off of a USB connected device to your tablet. None of the video files would play. I copied the files over to the tablet, they still wouldn’t play. I downloaded the latest update of VLC player for Android which plays just about anything, they wouldn’t play.

As a last resort, I copied the video files to my laptop and put them in a Dropbox folder. Once they uploaded to Dropbox I tried to access them from my phone, they would play but once I tried to download them, they wouldn’t play. At this point, I thought that maybe it had something to do with Android, so I grabbed my iPad and had the same issue.

The sad thing for me is that when I had the Sony A7S, right out of the box it was doing these things. I was able to transfer photo and video extremely easily to my phone or tablet. It was almost to easy. This is not the case with Canon. This may just be another nail in the coffin.

How to fix your bent iPhone 6 Plus

Fix Bent iPhone 6 Plus

One of my employees bent his iPhone 6 Plus. It wasn’t bent much but it was enough to notice. What started out as me being able to laugh about how much it was bent turned into me fixing his iPhone. Now it will be challenging to fix a badly bent iPhone like some of the phones you have seen in the #Bentgate videos and shared around the interwebs, but you can easily fix small bends and tweaks that most likely will happen due to how thin the phone is.

You can watch the video for a full tutorial but I was able to straighten an iPhone 6 Plus that was bent 0.02 of an inch (20 thousandths). It doesn’t sound like much but you can tell in the video just how bent the phone was. I actually bent my own iPhone 6 Plus just so I could show all of you how to straighten your iPhone 6. In theory, this should work on most of the previous versions of the iPhone as well.

Tool needed:
Grizzly G9849 Magnetic Base/Dial Indicator Combo


Fix Bent iPhone 6 Plus Fix Bent iPhone 6 Plus Fix Bent iPhone 6 Plus Fix Bent iPhone 6 Plus

My actual thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue:

Something can only become so small before it has little integrity left. The iPhone 6 Plus is a large phone but it’s very thin. The phone is made out of aluminum, which is a soft metal. The majority of the inside of the phone is filled with technology, not more metal. Apple probably did as best they could to make sure the device is strong enough for daily use as they have done with other large thin devices such as iPads and the Macbook Air. If you happen to bend your iPhone, it’s your fault, not Apple’s. Apple sold you a straight phone and your phone was perfect until you bent it. If you put the phone in your pocket and move around a lot, it will probably bend. If you don’t add support to your phone by putting a decent case around it, it will probably bend, and get scratched.

I bought the very first iPhone. A couple of weeks into owning it, I dropped it. The first iPhone dented up easy, just like a soda can. Was I mad at Apple? No, I was mad at myself because I was so stupid as to not have a case on my phone when it dropped out of my hands and landed on asphalt. It was my fault. People who complain about their iPhone 6 bending, don’t deserve nice things. If your actions resulted in something less than desirable, own up to it. If you stub your toe, who’s fault is that? Yours! If you accidentally scrape your car on a parking lot divider, whose fault is that? Yours! Let this be a life lesson from me to you: If you are in a situation where something started out perfect and then all of the sudden it wasn’t, own up to it. If this is anybody’s fault, it’s your parents fault for raising you in such a way that you would pass blame for things like this onto someone else. End of rant.

Digging the LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R with Custom Band

My first experience with LG’s first smartwatch was less than desirable but with the LG G Watch R, I was excited to see something with some thought put into it. I had multiple issues with their first watch which was obviously rushed to market. The G Watch R, despite it’s unfortunate name, is a nice watch that looks like a watch. Most will probably never notice that I am wearing a connected device on my wrist, and I like that. I put a custom band on the G Watch R that I found on Amazon. Time will tell if the issues I originally had with the first LG watch will replicate with this one but I have a feeling they were able to get it under control. From the packaging to the watch itself, I am enjoying it so far.

Check out the LG G Watch R on Amazon or order from the Google Play Store.

This is the longest my facial hair has ever been.


Teach Your Kids About Heroes #VeteransDay

veterans-day-remember-honorMy Father and Grandfather are veterans. They both served our country, however they don’t talk about it much. To my knowledge, they don’t have any identifying marks or anything that would lead you to believe they had served. Because of this, I never thought about it much as a kid. I had many friends who left to serve after high school and even more after 9/11. Though I considered making that decision, I decided to stay behind and work. When I was younger, all I heard people talk about was the monetary aspects of joining the Army. I watched many join, get their bonus, and waste it. That gave me the perspective that most of the people my age in the service were doing it for money because they couldn’t figure out any other way to make an income. Over the last five or so years, I have had a much closer connection and appreciation with those who have served. I don’t think that many these days go into the service thinking about serving our country so much as they think about getting that bonus money. Regardless, many of us find ourselves in situations where we have to step up. Even if someone joins the service to “get paid,” they will quickly find themselves having to step up and live up to the calling. It’s all about what each person does when they have to step up and decide to take action or cower in the corner.

This year, I had the opportunity to do some work with and I met some heros who gave all they had and came back damaged. We hear stories of fallen soldiers who don’t make it back but not often do we hear much from those who came back wounded. It was amazing to meet a couple of these warriors hear their stories. These are men and women who regardless of the reason for serving, performed a duty and were wounded. Not all who serve come back wounded, I get that, but the sacrifice was made. Heros come in all shapes and sizes, in all walks of life. Veteran’s Day calls us to remember what those gave to assure our freedom remains a birthright. Some fight on the frontlines and others perform tasks no where near harms way, it is all the same.

The following video reminded me that regardless of when someone served, they should be honored. I am blessed to have several family members who served and came home. Not all are as lucky as I am. I will teach my kids to honor those who served so they could be born into a free country. Though our government is slowly taking away our freedoms we are still the freest people on the planet.

I was born free with the ability to do and achieve whatever I set forth to do. I look at the things I have been able to do in life and I know that none of that would be possible if it were not for those who fought for our country. Though we may not have a solid understanding of what or why our soldiers are still fighting today, it is important that they know that we support them as individuals who decided to serve our country. My family and I support those who serve our country. I think it is important that our children understand what that means.

Happy Veteran’s Day to those who have served or have a loved one who has served. You are appreciated.

Google Voice as a default

Google finally added full support for MMS into Google Voice which means that if you swap devices often as I do, instead of having to switch SIM cards back and forth, I can simply port my main cell phone number over to Google Voice and then point my number at any device I choose.

I tired this a few years ago but at the time, you could not send or receive text messages that included photos or videos. About a month ago, they added MMS support but images came through as a link that had to be clicked. That seemed spammy to me.

I think its time I give it another try. That means that I will transfer my cell phone number to Google Voice and have a random number assigned to my phone. Then if I want to switch between phones, I just log into Google Voice and point my number at another phone. Google Voice makes it easy to point your number at any phone. With Google Hangouts integration, I can get calls anywhere, even on a tablet or my laptop. This has been possible for a while now, I have just held off because I would not have been able to receive picture text messages.


My son may or may not be addicted to playing Super Mario Brothers Wii.



Excited to once again have a place to work on non-tech projects with tools.