The Social Consequences of Everything

This video had me cracking up because it sums up the comments underneath just about everything I post on Facebook.

Remember the 90′s when everything seemed more carefree? Of course at that time my generation was just a bunch of teenagers, so what did we actually know anyway? Regardless, where we have gone in the last 10 or so years is downhill. We can’t have an opinion about anything without someone else ruining it. If you stand for anything these days you will most likely get put down by others. Nobody praises you for having an opinion anymore, you get attacked for it. We will soon be in a place where nobody will want to speak up about anything out of fear of being attacked for having an opinion on something. Of course we will still let Government and Celebrities have opinions because it is ok to follow their lead. Sharing a video on something Ellen says is our way of taking a stance on something these days.

This video makes me laugh, because it’s so true. We can’t do anything these days without upsetting someone. We feel like our take on things is so open minded and accepting but in reality it’s not. In actuality, everybody is over-sensitive and closed minded because they cannot accept that someone else has an opinion that differs from their own.

I have a challenge for you. Instead of getting upset about somebody else’s take on something, spend some time getting to understand why they think they way then do about that subject. Respect their opinion and once you have enough rapport with them, give them your opinion and why it’s important to you.

We are quickly becoming a country segregated by our opinions. I can easily see this becoming something akin to racism. I don’t want to see our nation become a place where we treat people differently because of their take on trivial things. People are never going to agree on everything. What makes us unique is our individuality. Take that away from us and what do we have left?

You may disagree with me on this but I think people today are way too emotional about everything and are too soft as people. They can’t handle someone that disagrees with them because they were raised having everything the way they wanted it. We live in an option overload society. Everything comes in a million different flavors or variations so we can have it our way. If a kid doesn’t like something, the parent gives them options until they are happy. This just results in a bunch of adults who can’t handle the real world because it doesn’t come in their flavor.

It’s time we stop being irresponsible.

What is your take on this? I gladly accept your opinions below.

Future Programmer


Liam using his Chromebook I just got him. Future programmer at work. Has his water and no pants on. He already fits in.


Photo 1 in a series of barista misspellings of my name. #notjerad #starbucks

Stuff That Makes Me Cry

2012-01-26 17.37.26Since having children, I have found that I am a much more emotional person. Prior to being a parent, I can’t remember the last time I cried or got very emotional about anything besides my wedding day (happiest day of my life btw). When stuff happens to your kids, it is a different kind of pain. The world puts a lot of hurt on each of us but when something is hard on your child, it is a different kind of pain that is hard to describe to people. If you have kids, hopefully you understand what I mean.

I came across this video on Youtube today which literally brought me to tears.

It has been a while since I have felt this way. The reason this video got to me was because of how much I was able to relate to it for a short period of my life. When my son Liam broke his leg at around 20 months old, 2 weeks before my wife gave birth to our second child, my whole world stopped. After his femur failed to set, all I could think about was that my little guy might not be able to walk normal and I assumed running would be something he could achieve after much therapy. Thankfully everything went well and though he had to learn how to walk again after the cast, he shows very little signs of ever having any issues. He outruns kids that are older than him. Nothing holds him back.

There were moments when I thought to myself, what if he lost his leg? What if it heals back wrong and he can’t run. There are many things you allow yourself to think and worry about. I am sure most of my issues with acid reflux come from the stress I allowed to affect me during that time.

2012-01-28 19.44.59I wish that this video had been around when I was going through that time. That time when my son came out of surgery in a hip spica cast and I died a little inside because I felt that I had failed to protect my son. A video like this would have brought me some hope during a time that I let fear of the unknown get the best of me. I bottled it up so that nobody else would see how afraid I was, but I had never been more scared in my life.

2012-02-08-14.28.25Nico’s Story is a marketing piece by Powerade and I know it will be a tearjerker for most, but for me it was more than that, because for a while there, I could relate. Thankfully my son was healed and does not seem to show any signs of issues from the break. It’s one of those things you just have to hand to God and trust that everything will go well. You ask as many questions as you can to the Doctors and do your research, but you trust that God has it all under control. When all you have is a horrible looking x-ray, all you can do is trust. Since he had his cast removed, he has not had another x-ray. Pictures help us understand, even if it’s an x-ray of your childs leg that looks like a snapped toothpick. I still find myself analyzing his leg as he walks or runs. Until he is an adult and is done growing, I will always worry about his leg.

Since becoming a parent, I have watched other parents lose a child to illness or tragedy. I thank God often for the healing my son has experienced knowing that none of us are promised a tomorrow.

After watching this video, I thought about posting it to Facebook, however it has been 2 years since my son broke his leg, so I thought this post would add some context. Thanks for reading/understanding.

Parents, hug your kids. Tell them you love them. Don’t allow anything to take priority over your family.

2012-02-23 20.57.31

This photo was taken the day we got home from the hospital with second child.


Going to try and hit this every couple of hours for a few sets each day.


As a Giants fan, I delight in the suffering of Dodgers fans. #BeatLA #SFGiants